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Topologilinux 6.0.0 Readme

Here are some famous problems that might appear (version 6.0.0)



1. My system does not boot.

 solution: You first need to run setup.exe from windows, then you reboot your

           computer and write "install" then you press enter and install your

           software, or for advanced boot press F1 and read.(Or do the setup

            inside Windows through oLinux)


2. Problem when booting Topologilinux with bootmanager in "real mode".

 solution: make sure your system works in colinux mode and that grldr is placed

           in c:\ (or your windows driver) and also that boot.ini has

           the entry "Start Topologilinux"

           grldr.lst should be placed on the driver where Topologilinux is


          You can also try to boot using the bootable cd (need to have boot from

           cd enabled in Bios)


3. Problem after booting Topologilinux in "real mode". (your screen might flip out)

 solution: Your videocard might not support 1024*768 256color correct, try to

           use the normal vga mode (write "vga" is using boot from cd)


4. How do I get my cd burner to work ? (not tested in colinux mode)

 solution: when booting there are 2 options, try "hdd" or "hdc" depending on where

           your cd burner are. Check it by typing "cdrecord -scanbus" and se if

           your cd burner is there. othervise try the other boot option(hdd or hdc)

           There exists many cd burning programs. One are included on the second cd

           and have the name xcdrtoast.(from slackware extra)


5. My soundcard seems not to work.

 solution: First of all make sure that you have sound on in mixer on (check your

           mixer settings in your current windowmanager) and make sure it is on.

           This release of Topologilinux uses alsa sound driver and if your

           card does not work please visit that page and make sure your soundcard

           are supported.

           to set the sound volume use command "mixer" (press "M" to unmute)

           More info at alsa homapege:

           If you still have problems search for slackware 10 and alsa on the net and

           see if there are somethings strange with your motherboard and slackware 10.2


6. Can not configure my X correct.

 solution: First try xorgsetup and setup your monitor, if this still not work ->

           go to and check how to configure x systems. You can

           also try to search on the net, you will probably found info there for

           your videocard and your monitor.

           If you want real fast X and have say a Nvidia chip, goto

           and download latest Linux driver and install.(TNT,Geforce and so on)

            you might need to manually edit /etc/X11/xorg.conf

           (Nvidia and ATI drivers are now also on the extra cd)


7. Can not get my network or modem working correct.

 solution: also here, go to and check !

           But also check out drivers on your network creator homepage and so.

           My new networkcard needed drivers from asus, and was easy downloaded from

           their homepage and a simple "make" to install. So if your card are not

           working you might need to do so too !

           If you are in colinuxmode se step 18 below.


8. Can not type anything when I should login, my keyboard is frozen. ("real-mode")

 solution: The most common problems with this are that your mouse is not working

           correct and the mouse is loaded before the keyboard.

           you have probably selected wrong mouse, fix this by DO NOT loading gpm at

           boot time. Make sure that you have the right mouse selected !


9. Topologilinux does not install in colinuxmode with my cdrom

 solution: You probably have more than 2 cdroms and try to install from 3/4:st Cdrom

           er edit /tlinux/colinux/*.xml and change from Cdrom1 to Cdrom2 or 3


10. My scroll mouse does not work.

 solution: edit /etc/X11/xorg.conf and add

           option "ZAxiaMapping" "4 5"

           under your mouse selection... might also change mouse from ps/2 to imps/s


11. Can not install on my scsi cdrom (in "real mode" and boot from cd)

 solution: start up by using scsi supported kernel

           press F1 at boot and choose a kernel with scsi support


12. What about updates ?

 solution: You can update packages that not contain the -t in the package name

           from any slackware 10.2 site at your own risk.

           Packages that contain -t in the name like (colinux-t....) are Topologilinux

           packages and should not be updated with any slackware packages.. but

           all other should hopefully work !


13. Notebook problems ?

 solution: visit


14. USB or Hotplug problems ?

 solution: add parameter NOUSB or NOHOTPLUG to the kernel at boot

           If you use the bootmanager edit c:/grldr.lst and add it there

           then run the install.bat again. (can also select not to use Hotplug during

           the setup)          


15. No sound appear for me.

 solution: The volume are muted by default, so open a mixer and change the volume

           then it will hopefully work. (run "mixer")


16. During the setup ("colinux-mode") errormessage "ERROR ! Could not find CDROM !..." appear

 solution:  You probably have the cd open in some other application like "My computer" or you

            have some files from the cdrom open. You need to close all stuff that uses the cdrom

            only the setup are allowed to run  from the cdrom (a coLinux feature)

            when you have closed all cdrom apps you can just continue the setup by entering

            "setup" again

             (if you use another than cdrom0 change it in setup.cotopo.xml)


17. The coLinux console crash.

 solution:  Try to download a newer version of colinux at


18. Can not connect to the Internet from coLinux.

 solution:  First of all: Make sure you have done the steps listed in networking docs.

            Then starting dhcpcd might help you. Try in a window to start "dhcpcd" as

            root, if that not solve your problem read read more at coLinux homepage



19. Problems with colinux and ICS (Microsofts Internet connection sharing) and ip

 solution:  The best things for this is to visit and read the documentation.

            most of the documentation is on the Wiki page

            ICS is the Internet connection sharing that windows uses to share a connection

            which unfortunately uses tha same ip as colinux

            Bot don't worry, it works for you if you have a ICS (just a bit tricky so setup) ;)


20. Grub does not work for me.

 solution:  Read files in /grub/debug and see if that helps.


21. When I setup a message saying that is alreasy in use, what to do ?

 solution:  This is related to (question listed 2 step above)


22. I don't know how to configure the network in setup (in real mode)

 solution:  If you don't have a domain just give some valued like

            test and


23. Installation problems in the setup (linuxmode)

 solution/tips: You need to install the [a] base packages (Do NOT miss this !)

                If you want colinux and networking you also need the [n] networking

                otherwise an error about "inetd not found" will appear during the

                colinux setup, to be sure install everything.


24. I want to change the size of my Topologilinux system (base.img)

 solution:  Use the toporesize in the /utils directory



           -----* Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q) * (mostly old questions) -----


Q. Will I have to repartition my hard drive to install Topologilinux?


A. No, that's what's great about Topologilinux. Unlike other Linux distributions,

   This one does not need it's own partition. It will run on any Windows or DOS

   partition. But if you prefer installing in the other way by partitioning it is

   also possible.


Q. What are the system requirements ?


A. Topologilinux needs a PC 486 or higher with about 100MB free diskspace and

   about 8MB ram. If you want to install everything you need about 2,5GB free

   space. If you want to have a X system it is recommend to have a Pentium PC

   with 32MB ram or more. And If you want to use colinux and X in windows you

   will probably need a pentium 300Mhz or above with Win2k or XP and about 96Mb ram.


Q. Will Topologilinux run on my version of Windows?


A. YES, Topologilinux works with all versions of Windows or Dos and works with both

   FAT and NTFS partitions. You just need the CD to boot with if you use NTFS.

   But if you want the new colinux feature to run it inside windows you need to have

   Windows 2000 or XP or above.


Q. Is Topologilinux based on any other big distribution ?


A. Yes Topologilinux is based on the first and still the most stable

   linuxdistribution Slackware Linux. The main goal with this distribution is

   that it should be almost 100% slackware compatible.


Q. Will Topologilinux delete Windows?


A. No, Topologilinux will install in a folder on any of your Windows drives

   (/tlinux6). To uninstall Topologilinux see uninstall selection in this readme


Q. Can I run Windows programs under Topologilinux in "real mode"?


A. YES, Topologilinux 6.0 comes with the windows emulator wine. Just enter

   wine your_windows_program.exe and your program will hopefully work under

   Topologilinux too.


Q. Does Topologilinux require another installed operative system ?


A. NO, You can run Topologilinux on a clean hard disk without any other

   installed systems.


Q. Is Topologilinux free ? the source too ?


A. YES, Topologilinux is free and under GPL but all donations are appreciated.

   Some source is on the cd, the other is slackware packages and can

   be downloaded or ordered from




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