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This distro is free but donations are always appreciated if you like it!
If you want to support this project you can order the cd:s or dvd
For more info about ordering send an email to

But the best thing to do if you like this project is to download it and then
press the donate button and donate some money to support future development
of Topologilinux !

Download from Sourceforge (7.0.1 release only available from ftp)

TopologiLinux version 6.1.0 DVD version (released 2007-05-12)
Complete bootable install dvd (1,9Gb) Click here to Download !
Checksum (MD5SUM) for the dvd Click here to Download !

(if this fails try to use the FTP or torrent sites below)

Download from other sites

Files can also be downloaded from the following FTP sites

or as Torrent from

NOTE: Above files are .iso files that need to be burned with a program
that can burn iso-images (burn from iso)

Like [Nero] A program for windows that can burn .iso files

Or Like this freeware [CDBurnerXP Pro] A program for windows XP that can burn .iso files
MD5SUM checker for windows
More download sites (Might not have the latest version yet)
Old releases

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